Why I Keep It Mobile?

Before I get started I would like to first thank @sfoskett for encouraging me to blog and begin to develop a brand. @samuel_clements and @my80211 thanks for the advice and encouraging others to follow me. I thank everyone for following my blog, especially the folks who are blindly following me. The support that I have received is incredible. Now for my first post…

Growing up, people around me used the term “Keep It Movin'” to explain that they are always on the go looking for a new opportunity and did not have time to waste. Today many in our society go from one job, one meeting, one engagement, one place to another – thus adopting a “Keep It Movin'” philosophy. With the combination of this lifestyle, the mass adoption of the Internet, numerous social media outlets, and mobile devices, many in our society have adopted this philosophy online as well. While on the move some people want instant access to information and others want to be accessible at all times. There are also an increasing number of people that want to create a personal brand that, from anywhere, can see, hear, be seen, and be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (i.e. @keepitmobile). Enterprises recognize that television commercials are not enough and are now using the Internet, social media, and online analytics to reach these people. For better or for worse we technologists must seamlessly bring the people, the information, and the enterprises together. And to be successful we must adopt a “keep it mobile” philosophy. Although it starts with getting rid of the wires, it cannot stop there. We must get mobility right.

Why mobility and not just wireless? Although wireless technology plays a major role, customers want more than the installation of access points and the connection of wireless devices to these access points. Customers want to enable technologies (such as VoIP, digital media, wayfinding, linebusting, and targeted marketing) over a wireless network. Mobility starts with understanding why a customer wants a wireless network. If this answer is not understood by the provider or not produced by the customer, Wi-Fi as a technology gets a black eye. And it will have nothing to do with the technology. Mobility never ends. After a successful design and deployment there must be a clear understanding (monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting, reporting, fine tuning) of all technologies deployed. This level of understanding ensures that the correct service is provided to the customer and minimizes the disorder that occurs in data centers and customer support centers.

The purpose of this blog is to be part of the discussion about and, ultimately, part of the solution to getting mobility right. This blog will cover mobility from every perspective and from every associated technology. This blog will not provide all of the answers, but it will provide a forum for us to collectively solve the problems surrounding mobility. So join me as I help to get mobility right – from soup to nuts.


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